Commander Zero and Jack McKinney

Commander Zero has died and I’m thinking of Jack McKinney – what?

In the late 1970s Edén Pastora, also known as Commander Zero, was a leader of the Sandinistas in Nicaragua. They were fighting to over-throw the US-backed dictator. I had never heard of Commander Zero until Jack McKinney, a columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News traveled to Central American and wrote a few columns from there. Jack’s columns were usually worth reading. When he was interested in something he usually got involved with it as much as possible. Also, during the 1970s he was interested in The Troubles, so he went to Northern Ireland for a while. Any way, I always remember Commander Zero and Jack McKinney together. It’s strange how the mind and memory work sometimes.


Edén Pastora – Wikipedia

Jack McKinney – Philadelphia Press Association

Edén Pastora, ‘Commander Zero’ in Nicaragua, Dies at 83 – New York Times obit

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