FREE Trial of YouTube TV? No, thank you.

Google teased me again with a FREE trial of YouTube TV. I looked over the channels included for the $50 per month and it was easy to decline the offer.

Currently, I’m not paying for any live TV service. I have a Roku stick with a bunch of channels/apps on it plus I have an antenna for FREE over-the-air TV. Here I’ll go over what YouTube TV offers.

Local Channels

This doesn’t even include all the over-the-air channels in Philadelphia, missing are channels 2 and 17 (others are missing too). Also missing are the multicast channels (2.2, 2.3, 17.2, 57.2, 3.3, etc.). The regional sports networks – like NBC Sports Philadelphia – are very expensive. They rival the cost of ESPN. I’m guessing that about half the $50 per month will go to pay for the sports channels. I wouldn’t watch NBC Sports Philadelphia that much, so I don’t want to pay for it. Also, I don’t want to give the Murdoch family any money so f*ck Fox 29 (I removed the channel from my TV and the online TV listings I use.)

Sports Channels

This is where most of the cost for YouTube TV – and all TV services – comes from. Personally, I don’t need most of them. I want to watch English Premier League soccer so NBC Sports Network would be nice. The Tennis Channel would be nice too. However, those two channels are not worth $50 per month to me. And I still don’t want to give the Murdochs money, so I especially don’t want to pay for Fox Sports 1 and 2. To watch the Premier League NBC sells a Gold package that’s separate from TV services like this.

Lifestyle Channels

I think of these channels as the basic cable TV channels and none of them are “must have” for me. If I had access to these then I may occasionally watch AMC, National Geographic, Syfy, or TCM but I somehow manage to live without them. And WTF, no History channel? Oh, and I get Comet and Cozi on FREE over-the-air TV. If you just want basic cable TV channels then try Philo, they have 58 channels (including History channel) for just $20 per month.

Family Channels

I would check out the Smithsonian channel but otherwise I have no interest in these channels.

News Channels

I gave up watching the 24/7 news channels back during the first Obama administration, so I have no need for these channels. I thought BBC America was the Star Trek: Next Generation and Doctor Who channel, has it changed? Oh, and yet again I don’t want to give the Murdochs money so f*ck Fox News and Fox Business.

Others and Additional Networks

Most of these “premium” channels I could get separately from YouTube TV and watch on my Roku stick. I don’t know how much they want for MLB Game of the Week but when I had ESPN Plus ($5/month) it included one MLB game per day, so I would compare the cost to that and see how it stacks up.


Basically the only channel that I would watch is NBC Sports Network (for the English Premier League) and it’s not worth $50 per month. NBC Sports Gold Premier League Pass is how I watch the Premier League. … And I really, really do NOT want to give the Murdochs any money whatsoever.

As Fox News Played Down the Coronavirus, Its Chief Protected Himself
The cancellation of an 89th birthday party for Rupert Murdoch highlights a disconnect between his family’s behavior and statements made on air by some Fox commentators.
Link: New York Times .

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